Infernal Rock N' Roll Demo

by Promiscuity

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• “It’s loud, rocking, and mercilessly catchy, and I can’t really ask for much more from this type of thing.”

• “This is a really cool demo from Israel.”

• “I can’t wait for another release to check out how the band evolves. So, to sum it up, GET IT NOW!”

• “This demo is a good start”

• “It rocks and is catchy as hell.”

• “There has never been a finer example of a metal band than Promiscuity, and with time, they will only get better and hopefully release a full album with just as much violence and power as on their killer demo tape Infernal Rock N’ Roll.”


released March 23, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Promiscuity Israel

PROMISCUITY was formed in 2010 by Butcher and Werewolf,

The demo "Infernal Rock N' Roll" was recorded with a session drummer and released in 2011.

"Basic Instinct" was recorded in 2013 with Steel on drums and the axeman Grizzly joined in 2014.

"Basic Instinct" will be released on tape via Dying Victims Prods in Feb 2014.

The band is looking for labels that will handle the CD/Vinyl versions.
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Track Name: Infernal Rock N' Roll
I never wanted Paradise (OH NEVER)!
Hell is the place, where I will live forever!
I'm aware of the fact that my dark soul
Is addicted to Infernal Rock N' Roll!!!

I never trusted preachers, I hate priests,
I'd rather worship the unholy beast!
I've got different needs, because my goal
Is to keep playing Infernal Rock N' Roll!

The sound of our axes gonna deafen posers,
Only maniacs pure will survive this storm!
The Devil spoke in tongues, he told us all:
It's time to play Infernal Rock N' Roll!!!

Infernal - Infernal Rock N' Roll!
Its time to lay down your soul!

There's a simple reason why I live on Earth,
A place for sinners, condemned to die since birth...
But only few of them can hear the evil call:
It's time to play Infernal Rock N' Roll!!!
Track Name: Crime and Punishment
I'm angry over the top
There's no sign of mercy in my eyes
I'm planning my sweet revenge
While holding my chainsaw high!

I really like these moments of silence
Before my lethal outburst...
You should've never gone to the disco, dumbass!
But now you'll have to pay, 'cause pose does cost!

It's time for retribution!
Welcome to your own execution!
Don't try to deny the crime you made,
If you don't wanna get a tougher punishment!

At the beginning I'm gonna rip your tongue,
Later, I will rip out your eyes!
I'd still like you to die like a man, you faggot,
Don't wanna see or hear any cries!

I'll quarter, decapitate you and take your guts out
My chainsaw knows its work oh so well!
My cunning instruments of torture won't let you hear a sound
During your one way trip to Hell!
Track Name: Gybenhinnom
Near the "holy" city, there's an ancient place
When people pass nearby - they speed up their pace
An unholy area, where firstborns were thrown into fire
Sacrificed, to satisfy Moloch's mortal desire...

The drums in that place pounded loud
To mute the burning children's shouts
Hundreds of innocent kids never came back from...
Never came back from Gybenhinnom!!!

Centuries passed since those days, and the times have changed a lot
And maybe today, by saying "Hell" - we talk about Gybenhinnom...
But it's still the same, as long as people turn to dust,
In order to fulfill one or another God's lust!

In Gybenhinnom - the children were burnt alive!
In Gybenhinnom - they had no chance to survive!
Killed by their own fathers, who ignored their pain, their desperate cries...
Reduced to ashes - brought to this world to get sacrificed!